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  • 12,000+ games
  • A powerful, data-rich back office and app
  • An easy and efficient payments platform
  • A simple and single API

Hub88 is linking everything

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Simplicity is the ultimate

We firmly believe increasing efficiency and speeding up go-to-market timelines comes from an API that’s kept simple and understandable.

New Hub88 clients, both operators as well as suppliers, can be onboarded and ready to rock in as little as three days. How’s that for ease?

Clean and
easy-to-integrate API

By integrating using our API, your operations will be up and running in record time.

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Choose your integration method

With support for 200+ fiat and crypto currencies, you can select either the Seamless Wallet or Transfer Wallet integration method depending on your business’s needs.

Seamless Wallet

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Transfer Wallet

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Time is money. Don’t wait for either.

At Hub88, we pride ourselves on being the fastest aggregator in the industry. What does that mean exactly? It means that due to a single, simple API, integrating your casino content with Hub88 can be done safely, efficiently and quickly! Don’t believe us? Check out the below leaderboard for some of our fastest integrations to date!

We work with the best suppliers in the industry

Step up your game

Unlock more than 100 of the most creative game studios putting literally thousands of games at your fingertips. We’re
constantly onboarding a steady stream of new providers so your players will never run out of new slots to try!

Join Hub88 for access to a whole world of gaming content.

Game release

Game release calendar

Plan ahead which games to feature with a roadmap of upcoming releases and suppliers.






Personalised content
for your players

Personalised content for your players

Hub88’s personalisation model uses player interaction data to create recommendations for top games, similar games and personalised player lobbies.

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Find the power within

Data doesn’t need to be confusing, it should be empowering! With Hub88’s Back Office, we’ve built a powerful toolkit packed with advanced reporting tools with customisable filters so you can see what’s performing.


Check data to be on top of everything

By country, game or player, all the rich reporting you need is on your fingertips


Prevent loss with fraud alerts

Monitor all suspicious activity to prevent any loss and stay on top of your online gaming business.


Possible fraud detected

Reports, anywhere, anytime

Use our mobile app to check live data from your smart device


Make payments easily

Using HubWallet you can pay invoices, send and receive both crypto and fiat and much more.


What you care about most
is what we care about most

Stay way ahead of the curve with a range of service features to keep you in the know. Check out the “Status” page to see past, ongoing and upcoming maintenance outages across our entire partner portfolio anywhere in the world. For everything else, Hub88 is home to a 24/7 Customer Support Team to aid you through any issues or queries you encounter in a range of different languages.

24/7 live support, no headaches

Our customer service agents are always ready to deal with any issue you may encounter


Live platform status

We are transparent. You can check any ongoing, upcoming or past outages for Hub88 or our partners.

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Update your contracts faster than ever

Whether you want to add new suppliers, or update your licence fees, you can easily submit, sign and approve amendments.

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The next generation of casino aggregation has arrived.

Among the largest content libraries in the industry and a powerful back office lets you change the game in Europe, Asia, crypto and beyond.

What are you waiting for?